City Council

Scott Tonnesen


A fifth-generation native of Fairfield, Scott Tonnesen has an uncommon connection to his community. He was born on Empire Street, delivered by Dr. Valeriote at the Bunney Hospital. He attended Fairfield schools – from David Weir to Green Valley Middle School to Armijo High, and has called Fairfield home ever since, raising a family here, building a successful business, and supporting the programs and organizations that make Fairfield a unique and special place.

Scott’s priority has always been giving back to the community that has supported him. He served for eight years on the Fairfield Planning Commission, including three years as the chair and two years as vice chair. His time on the Commission is marked with bringing new employers to Fairfield and helping them succeed. He’s also a former long-time president of the Board for the Fairfield Main Street Association, where he fought for the needs of the small business owners and helped bring the community together.

In addition, he served as chair of the Tripartite Advisory Board, as vice chair for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Committee, as vice president of the Armijo Alumni Association and as an Honorary Commander for Travis Air Force Base. When the community calls – whether it’s to flip pancakes, judge the Independence Day Parade, join in the community clean ups, or lobby the City Council for neighborhood improvements – Scott is always just a phone call away.

Scott began his career working at his father’s appraisal company and his love of the industry has never wavered. A licensed real estate appraiser from 1982 to 1995, and a licensed mortgage broker since, Scott is passionate about helping others establish roots and become homeowners in the community that has always grounded him.

Scott and his wife, Pam, continue to live in Downtown Fairfield. They have four children from her previous marriage and nine grandchildren.

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