City Government

  • City Attorney
    Greg Stepanicich leads this division which provides legal advice and representation to the City Council and departments.
  • City Clerk
    The city clerk is responsible for announcing elections, certifying results, maintaining City ordinance books, and recording city council meeting minutes.
  • City Council
  • City Departments
    The City is organized into seven departments: City Manager's Office, Finance, Community Development, Community Resources, Fire, Police, and Public Works.
  • City Treasurer
    Arvinda Krishnan was elected as Fairfield's Treasurer in November 2016. His current term will expire November 2020.
  • City Commissions & Committees
    Several City commissions and committees are in place to give residents opportunity to serve our community's various needs. Commissioners and committee members are appointed by the Mayor.

Fairfield is a general law city, and was incorporated in 1903.

It has a Council-Manager form of government with a separately-elected mayor and four councilmembers elected-at-large to staggered four-year terms.

The City Council appoints the city manager and the city attorney. The city clerk and city treasurer are separately elected.

Department heads are appointed by the city manager. The City is organized into eight departments.