Community Development

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Building & Fire Safety Division

Permit Process

Before commencing construction, repair or making any major alterations, please confer with the Building & Fire Safety Division to make certain that the project conforms to current building and zoning codes and that the proper permits are obtained.  The Building & Fire Safety Division cannot legally design, redesign or perform structural calculations for construction projects. The services of an architect or a structural engineer may be required for certain projects.

Planning Division

Prior to the issuance of a building permit by the Building Division, information concerning zoning regulations must be obtained from the Community Development Department's, Planning Division.

Does my project require a building permit?
Required Drawings

It is not necessary to be a proficient draftsman; however, the following basic information must be on a plan on 18" x 24" minimum size paper drawn to a scale of 1/4" = 1' showing the following:

  • Plot Plan - showing the position of the proposed project in relation to existing buildings, property lines and public utility easements. This plan is to be drawn to a scale of 1:20 which means 1 inch is equal to 20 feet.
  • Foundation Plan - indicating the type and size of footing used. (A handout is available through the Building Division Office)
  • Framing Section - showing sizes of framing members and methods of assembly and, if required, the R-value of insulation being used.
  • Floor Plan - detailing the location of walls, supports, size and location of doors, windows, electrical outlets, heaters, plumbing fixtures, smoke detector and the square footage of the project.
  • Elevations - showing two or more sides of the proposed structure.
Permit Application Information

When applying for a permit, certain information is required to complete the permit application.

  • Description of the work
  • Location of the project (street number & name)
  • Legal owner's name, address and phone number
  • Valuation of the proposed work
  • Other information as may be required

The owner, an authorized agent, or a licensed contractor is the only person who can legally sign the building permit application. Upon approval of the application and issuance of the permit, the permittee has 180 days (6 months) to commence work on the project.