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Fieldcrest Project

Public Hearing

The Planning Commission of the City of Fairfield will hold a public hearing on Fieldcrest Villages Project -- Tentative Subdivision Map (T.S. 2006-10), Development Review-Community Design Plan (D.R. 2008-05), First Amendment to Development Agreement, and Environmental Review (E.R. 2006-48)-- held on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2008, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Civic Center, 1000 Webster Street, City of Fairfield, at which time and place any and all persons interested in said matters may appear and be heard. If you challenge any of the above-cited items in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the Department of Community Development at or prior to the public hearing. For additional information, please contact the Department of Community Development, City Hall, Room 200 or phone 428-7461

The public hearing is on a request by Discovery Builders, Inc. to subdivide an approximately 267 acre property for the purpose of constructing 394 single family residences and Community Design Plan for the general design of the subdivision on property located at Red Top Road and future Havenhill Road. APNs: 180-090-030, 180-020-040, 180-070-030, 180-251-070 and 180-080-090. The proposed Environmental Impact Report prepared for the project satisfies the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act. (Planner: Joe Lucchio, 707-428-7647).

Response to Comments Document

A Response to Comments (RTC) Document has been prepared which responds to all comments received on the Draft EIR. The RTC along with the Draft EIR comprise the Final EIR for the project. Copies of the RTC are available for download - see link on this page - or are available at City Hall (second floor) in both printed and electronic form. Copies are also available for reading at City Hall and at the Cordelia Library.

Site Overview

The project site is approximately 267 acres, is located within the Cordelia portion of the City of Fairfield in Solano County. Five parcels make up the project site. The I-80/Red Top Road interchange provides regional access to the project site. The project site is south of I-80 and west of I-680 near their interchange and to the southwest of the Red Top Road/Oakbrook intersection. The irregularly shaped project site is bordered by residential development (Cordelia Villages) to the east; hillside open space to the west and south; the Angelo Rodriguez High School to the northeast; and undeveloped industrially designated lands to the northwest. The project site is located within and abuts the City’s Urban Limit Line.

Project Background

In 1994, a previous project for the site was approved by the City of Fairfield City Council. At that time, the applicant received Development Review and Tentative Subdivision Map approval supported by adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration that provided for the construction of 394 single-family residential units. During initial grading of the property, several landslides occurred within the western portion of the project site which halted construction activities and required creation of a new site plan.

The current project under review includes the same number of units (394) as the project approved in 1994. However, additional environmental review and clearance under CEQA is required as the heights of the housing pads have changed, and required grading for the new development would disturb land that was previously outside of the original project development boundaries.

As part of the previous project, a Development Agreement between the City of Fairfield and the project applicant was agreed to on September 11, 2000. The Development Agreement is a binding contract between the City and the developer and provides the applicant with a vested right to have the land use regulations in effect when the Development Agreement became effective apply to the future development of its property. Pursuant to Government Code §65865.4, the Development Agreement supersedes any change in planning, zoning, subdivision, or building regulations adopted after its execution.

Site Characteristics

The project site is undeveloped open space with primarily grassland vegetation and is currently used for cattle grazing. The only trees located on the project site are in the northern portion of the site. There are several cattle gates and fences on the property, but there are no structures within the project site boundaries. The western area of the site is approximately 90 feet higher in elevation than the existing residential development to the east. Elevations on the site range from 415 to 100 feet above mean sea level.

The General Plan designation for the project site is Low Medium Residential (RLM). The zoning designations for the project site include: Open Space Conservation with a Hillside Overlay and Planned Development Overlay District; Residential Low Medium (RLM: 4.5) with a Hillside Overlay and Planned Development Overlay District; and Residential Low Medium (RLM 5) with a Hillside Overlay and Planned Development Overlay District.

Residential Concept

The project applicant proposes to develop 394 single-family homes within the project site and has applied for Development Review, Tentative Subdivision Map review and Environmental Review. These homes would be located within two villages; Village A and Village B.

Village A would be located in the southeastern portion of the project site, is approximately 37 acres in size, and would consist of 204 lots. The houses within this subdivision would be a mix of one- and two-story single-family homes with garages facing the street. Fencing would be installed between all proposed lots. All roads within Village A, except for one cul-de-sac, would be interconnected. Sidewalks and streetscape landscaping would be provided along both sides of the streets.

Village B is located north of Village A in the northeast portion of the site. Village B is approximately 37 acres in size and would include a mixture of 190 one- and two-story single-family homes. Fencing would be installed between all proposed lots. Four cul-de-sacs are proposed for Village B; the remainder of the streets would be interconnected. Sidewalks and streetscape landscaping would be provided along both sides of the streets.

Environmental Impact Report

In compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been prepared and describes the environmental consequences of the proposed Fieldcrest Villages project. The EIR is designed to fully inform City decision-makers, responsible agencies, and the general public of the proposed project and the potential consequences of project approval. The EIR also examines various alternatives to the proposed project and recommends a set of mitigation measures to reduce or avoid potentially significant impacts. Chapters from the Draft EIR can be downloaded by clicking on links at the right side of this webpage.

The City of Fairfield is the lead agency for environmental review of the proposed project. The EIR will be used by City planning staff, the Planning Commission, City Council, and the public in their review of the proposed project. It may also be used by other agencies whose discretionary approval may also be required to allow the project to be constructed.

The City of Fairfield circulated a Notice of Preparation (NOP) and an Initial Study that included a list of potential environmental effects that could result from the proposed project. The NOP was published on July 23, 2007, and was distributed to local, regional, and State agencies.

A public scoping session, which was noticed to all Cordelia residents as well as those listed on the City’s “Cordelia Mailing List,” was held on August 9, 2007. Comments received by the City on the NOP and at the public scoping meeting were taken into account during the preparation of this EIR. The NOP, Initial Study, and written comments received on the NOP are included in Appendix A of the EIR.

The 45 day public review period for this Draft EIR ended in May 2008. Copies of the EIR are available at City Hall at 1000 Webster Street, Fairfield CA 94533 in both printed or electronic formats or you can download PDF files of the entire EIR by clicking on the links on the right side of the page. A copy of the document is also available for review at the Fairfield Civic Center Library at 1150 Kentucky Street, Fairfield CA 94533 and the Fairfield Cordelia Library at 5050 Business Center Drive, Fairfield CA 94534.

Questions about the Project:

If you have a question about the project or environmental impact report, you may contact Joe Lucchio, Principal Planner with the Department of Community Development by phone at (707) 428-7647 or by email at