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Finance & Technology

Delinquent Bills

Past Due Notices

Your utility bill is due upon receipt and will become past due if not paid by the delinquent date on the bill. A delinquent fee of 10% of the balance due will be added to your account if it becomes past due. If your bill remains unpaid, an additional processing fee of ½% per month will be charged and a shut off notice will be mailed indicating a shut-off date. If unpaid, your service will be interrupted and an additional processing fee of $25 will be added for non-payment ($35 if the request occurs after working hours).

Disconnection of Service

If your service has been disconnected due to nonpayment, you will need to make payment for all past due fees. Payments may be made in person at the City Hall Finance Counter, at the payment kiosk outside City Hall and open 24/7, or by credit card over the phone by calling 1.866.207.6045 any day, any time. Please let the Customer Service Clerk know that your water was disconnected.