Fire Prevention Division

Welcome to Fairfield Fire Department Prevention. This division's responsibilities include:

  • Plan-checks and field inspections on commercial cooking equipment (UL-300)
  • Specialized extinguishing systems review and testing (FM-200, Inergen, and other clean agent systems) 
  • New businesses inspection and permit issuance
  • Commercial daycare inspections
  • Residential care fire clearances (Community Care Licensed facilities)
  • Public education and special event programs
  • Vegetation management/weed abatement 
  • Fire investigations
  • Special event (tent/canopy) inspections

You'll also find our fire prevention standards, fee schedule, and links to other fire and life safety sites.  Also, if you have a question take a look at our FAQ's link which could provide your answer at the click of the mouse!

To schedule an inspection or for additional information please email or call Fire Prevention. 


Phone: 707-399-5627