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Community Development

Labor and Workforce Information

Description of WorkforceFairfield Corporate Commons

Our workforce is large, well-qualified and possesses a range of skills.  Fairfield has a dynamic and youthful workforce of 49,000 men and women with more than 1.6 million workers available within a 45 minute drive.  Fairfield also has ready access to over 30% of our workforce who are commuting outside the county to work.  These people represent a source of highly educated and well-trained labor.

Solano County, within which Fairfield is located, is a growing county in the Bay Area and is expected to experience 40% job growth over the next 20 years. In the county, Fairfield is projected to be the job growth leader, expecting to add some 20,600 new jobs between 2009 and 2030.

Over 80% of our residents are families versus 75% for the Bay Area and our median age is 33 years.  This is significantly lower than the Bay Area average of 38 years. 

Job Training

The following agencies provide hiring and job training assistance.  Please see the following for more information:

Wage Rates

Wage rates for Vallejo-Fairfield Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) are very favorable to the surrounding Bay Area counties, as well as the Sacramento region.  Three sets of tables are attached, each with a higher level of detail.  The tables are generated from Occupational Employment Statistics for five local MSA in competing markets to Fairfield.  The  Wage Comparison Table shows a comparison of wage rates for all occupations.  The second set of tables show wage rates for each MSA by major job category:  Oakland-Fremont-Hayward Metropolitan DivisionSacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville AreaSanta Rosa-Petaluma AreaStockton Area, and Vallejo-Fairfield Area.  The last set of tables show wage rates broken down by specific jobs for each MSA - MSA full detail charts.  As new information becomes available, the data will be updated.