It is the mission of the Fairfield Police Department’s Code Enforcement Unit to work in partnership with the people of Fairfield to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment

Contact Code Enforcement and talk to an experienced officer who can help you with general code questions, provide resource guidance and give updates on your existing cases. If you have received a letter from us, remember: We want to work with you to help you voluntarily correct the violations on your property. If you have an issue you want to report please know: We take every case seriously and investigate each case fully.  

We have found in the past that some complaints could have been corrected without our intervention. Knowing your neighbors, establishing relationships, communicating your concerns, are essential elements to having a safe and happy neighborhood.  In those cases where you feel it is appropriate, contact the property owner directly and attempt to solicit their cooperation in correcting the situation.

A few of the issues we can address are overgrown landscaping, trash and debris, inoperable vehicles and vehicles parked on unimproved surfaces. If there is a problem property in your neighborhood,

call 707-428-7587. 


The Code Enforcement Process



Fill out A Code Violation Complaint form and send it with the "Report A Violation" button





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