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Neighborhood Watch 

When citizens band together as a Neighborhood Watch group and combine their efforts with law enforcement, a crime prevention partnership is formed.

Neighborhood Watch groups don't patrol their neighborhoods or act like police officers. Neighborhood Watch members:

  • Get to know each other, know what vehicles their neighbors drive, typical schedules and who lives in the homes so that if something seems off, they can check on each other or report it.
  • Report suspicious activity to the Police Department.
  • Share crime information and prevention tips.

Getting Organized

When a group decides to form a Neighborhood Watch, it will:

  • First, talk with your neighbors about starting a watch group, if the majority of the homes on your street are interested, contact The Fairfield Police Department.
  • Contact the police department or local crime prevention organization for help in picking a date for initial meeting and for informational material.
  • Select a block captain(s) who will be responsible for organizing meetings and relaying information to members. The block captain will also act as the liaison between the community and the police department. We can help you with information and materials to help make your meetings a success. Crime Prevention can be reached at (707) 428-7789

Next Steps

How To Report

If it is an Emergency, dial 9-1-1. For non-emergencies dial (707) 428-7300

  • Give your name and address. (If you prefer to remain anonyms, let the dispatcher know, your information is confidential)
  • Briefly describe the event - what happened, when, where, and who was involved.
  • Describe the suspect: sex and race, age, height, weight, hair color, clothing, distinctive characteristics such as beard, mustache, scars, tattoos or accent.
  • Describe the vehicle if one was involved: color, make, model, year, license plate, and special features such as stickers, dents, or decals.

Keeping your Neighborhood Watch Group Active

  • Organize meetings with your Neighborhood Watch on a regular basis. Some groups like to meet more frequently and some may only meet once or twice a year. Remember your Neighborhood Watch group doesn’t need to meet only about crime related issues. Hosting a more social meeting or meetings to help solve other neighborhood issues are great ways to continue to meet neighbors and get to know one another. Don’t forget National Night Out is the first Tuesday in August each year and is a great opportunity for the neighbors to get together!
  • Don't forget social events that give neighbors a chance to know each other - a block party, potluck dinner, volleyball softball game, or picnic.
  • Adopt a park or school playground. Pick up litter, repair broken equipment, or paint over graffiti.

If you and your neighbors are committed to partnering with the police department and reducing crime in your neighborhood, contact the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Today!

Crime Prevention Specialist Ilea Martin | (707) 428-7789