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NOTE:  Data can be sorted by clicking on column headings (i.e. description, address).

The Police Log feature of our website was created as a new and innovative way to share previously unavailable information with the community by leveraging the power of technology and the Internet.  It allows citizens to see the volume and general nature of police activity in any given part of the city.  Two-way communication and sharing information with the public is an important part of our community policing philosophy.

The Police Log is a list of the calls for service, on-view crime-initiated activities, or dispatched police calls that reflect each time someone called the police department for service.

Police Logs are taken directly from the Emergency Communications Center and updated every 24 hours, capturing the last seven days of our field activities.  Keep in mind that a few calls and activities must be screened due to investigative restrictions and victim privacy rights.

Generally speaking, the information supplied in this log contains all the information that is available for public release.