Public Works


Image of Public Works crew


The Operations Division provides the following services: 

      • Street and Sidewalk Maintenance
      • Water Distribution/Sewer Maintenance
      • Sewer Collection Maintenance 
      • Drainage Maintenance (Creeks and Storm Drain)
      • Traffic Facilities Maintenance (Traffic Signals, Street Lights, Traffic Signs, Pavement Markings)Park, Landscape and Tree Maintenance
      • Vehicle Maintenance
      • Corp Yard Stores/Supplies
      • Building Maintenance


420 Gregory Street (Map View)
Fairfield, CA 94533
O | 707.428.7407
F | 707.428.7638After Hour Emergencies:  707.428.7300

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday, 7:30 a.m - 12 noon | 12:30 - 5 p.m  

Operations Superintendent

Pat Giles
Administration and oversight of Public Works Operations Division
O | 707.428.7410

Operations Divisions

Water and Sewer Maintenance
George Shimboff, Manager
O | 707.428.7415

Traffic Maintenance (Traffic Signals, Street Lights, Traffic Signs, Pavement Markings)
Street Maintenance (Asphalt, Utility Cuts, Residential Paving)

Steve Harris, Manager
O | 707.428.7405

Drainage Maintenance (Creeks and Storm Drains)
Park, Landscape and Tree Maintenance

Mike Gray, Manager
O | 707.428.7404

Vehicle Maintenance and Corp Yard Stores/Supplies
David Renschler, Manager
O | 707.428.7414

Building Maintenance
Michael Allen, Manager
O | 707.428.7563