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Public Works

Rockville Hills Regional Park

The park is 633 beautiful acres of grasslands and oak woodlands, with a dense mixed broadleaf forest. The rich, biological and diverse habitats provide shelter to a variety of wildlife that make the park their home.

Leave Only Footprints...


With the Park's popularity comes the responsibility of treating the land in a way that minimizes the impact to it. For your enjoyment, the stewardship of our environment and the safety of all, please cooperate with the following common sense guidelines so that we ensure the pristine beauty for future generations:


  • Deposit all trash in receptacles
  • Stay on authorized trails
  • Authorized campfires or barbecues only
  • Dogs must be leashed and cleaned up after
  • Helmets required for all bicyclists
  • Pedestrians have right of way
  • Supervised trail construction only


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