City celebrates Building Safety Month

Mayor Harry T. Price proclaimed the month of May as Building Safety Month in Fairfield at the City Council meeting on May 19, 2020.

The City of Fairfield’s Building Safety Division has been protecting homes and businesses in the city since 1947. They ensure that newly built homes and businesses, including additions and remodels, are built to the codes and standards for a safely built environment. Some examples are ensuring structurally safe built homes and businesses to protect occupants in the event of natural disasters, verifying smoke alarms to alert of fires, and confirming proper electrical, plumbing, and mechanical installations to protect from electrical shock, eliminate situations that cause mold growth, and verifying proper heating and clean air interior environments.

As we prepare ourselves for the increased severity and frequency of natural disasters, building safety is even more important. Disaster mitigation through the adoption and enforcement of building codes is one of the best ways for communities to prepare and protect against future disasters. Homes and businesses that are built in compliance with building safety codes and the officials who enforce the codes are essential to helping communities minimize the risks of death, injury, and property damage in the event of a disaster. It is for these reasons that it is imperative for residents to engage with the Building Safety Division and obtain all the proper approvals, permits, and inspections for all project types. Additionally, cities that have robust building code enforcement and processes also benefit from reduced homeowners’ hazard insurance rates.

The Fairfield Building Safety Division is available to you at (707) 428-7451 or via email at