City expedites permitting process

Effective immediately, the City of Fairfield’s Building Safety Division will start accepting applications for tenant improvements, new commercial, and multi-family construction projects under the PASS (Pre-qualified Architectural Submittal System) program’s expedited review process.  Plans submitted under the PASS program will have their plan reviews started within one week of submittal with the expectation of having the plan review completed no later than 10 days from the date of submittal.  Here is a brief outline of the program and a link to the website for more detailed information.  

PASS permit streamlining program: 

  • PASS is a voluntary permit streamlining program developed in a collaboration between code officials and design professionals.
  • PASS is the same across the 19 jurisdictions that currently use it, creating a regional consistency.
  • Over 100 professionals are now on the PASS registry.
  • PASS is open to anyone who can be the responsible party for a set of commercial plans, and it can be used for any size tenant improvement, commercial, or multi-family project.
  • PASS includes:

o   A checklist that outlines document content and organization.

o   A set of consensus derived drawing examples that make up a detailed training program.

o   A test which must be passed for listing on the PASS registry.

  • PASS is flexible enough to require minimum changes to normal operations for either design professionals or code officials, it does not shift any roles or responsibilities, and it saves all parties time and money. 

 PASS program website: 

You may also contact the Chief Building Official Jeff Thomas at (707) 428-7442 for more information.