SHELTER Inc. continues to provide direct assistant for those in need

The City continues to build on the continuum of services to permanently reduce homelessness in Fairfield. On December 15, 2020, Homeless Services received City Council recommendation for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) in the amount of $206,708 for Emergency Shelter Services at SHELTER Solano in response to COVID-19. This funding will secure emergency shelter beds with access to supportive services and case management at SHELTER Solano and will be exclusive to the City’s Homeless Services Teams. Once the City receives HUD approval on this project, the City will enter into contract with SHELTER, Solano to begin utilizing these emergency shelter services.

SHELTER, Inc. continues to provide direct assistance for Fairfield residents in need. Utilizing various resources, SHELTER, Inc. has been assisting Fairfield residents with eviction prevention assistance, preventing Fairfield residents from becoming homeless. Eviction prevention programs typically provide short-term assistance that allows a household to maintain their housing during a difficult period. The Homeless Services Division and Housing Services Department worked closely to form this much needed partnership with SHELTER, Inc. to provide these essential services during these difficult times.

CEO of SHELTER, Inc. John Eckstrom said, "It’s partnerships like these and coming together when communities need it most, that will truly make a difference in the lives of many."

As part of the Homeless Services Division ‘The Way Home’ initiative, these services and programs will assist in efforts to permanently reduce homelessness. For additional information regarding SHELTER, Inc.’s Rental Assistance Program or to learn more about their life-changing work, please visit