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New public school opens fall 2012
The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District is creating a new academically and physically rigorous program designed to provide educational and career preparation for those interested in law enforcement, fire prevention, emergency response, and related fields. The Public Safety Academy (PSA) program also promotes maintaining a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness as significant components of the Academy's philosophy. The Academy will emphasize cooperative learning standards that include listening, communication, problem solving, participation, helping and encouraging others, self responsibility, critical thinking, and leadership.

Education will take place through an experiential, hands-on, project-based program.  All State standards will be met and taught through the common core curriculum, ensuring that all graduates will qualify for the college or secondary training programs of their choice. Through partnerships with police and fire professionals, community college personnel, and members of the community, graduates will be prepared to meet the demands of public safety careers in today’s world.

PSA representatives are hosting an informational night at each elementary and middle school through the month of February for qualified students. 

In addition to solid academic achievement, Public Safety Academy students will graduate with proficiency in communications, problem-solving, critical thinking, technology applications, leadership and teamwork, and ethics and legal responsibilities. Graduates will be college and career-ready, with a solid foundation for future employment in a public service agency.

The Public Safety Academy opens in late 2012, and will be located at 1100 Civic Center Drive in Fairfield.  Any student who is on grade level academically and willing to learn and apply the PSA core values of fidelity to others, diligence to succeed, and scholarship in the classroom is welcome.  Students must accept both uniform attire and behavior expectations.

Even if students are not yet certain of a career path, this program will be valuable.  In 9th grade, students will focus their work with teachers, mentors in the public safety and security fields, and others to help explore career options which may be a good fit for them. If students change fields, or even decide to pursue an entirely different type of career, the skills and character traits fostered at the Public Safety Academy will be a great advantage to them in their future endeavors.

The academy is currently accepting student applications for 5th-8th grade classes. Each year the Academy will add additional classes, ultimately creating a 5th-12th grade program. Those interested in applying are encouraged to begin the enrollment process now.  Applications are being accepted at: