Fairfield-Nirasaki Sister City Program seeks exchange students

The Fairfield-Nirasaki Sister City Program is looking for local high school students with an interest in Japan to be part of next summer’s three-week student exchange visit to Fairfield’s sister city. Interested students are invited to apply to be members of the exchange group.

Any high school student in the Fairfield-Suisun School District or Travis School District is eligible to apply to be part of the summer exchange delegation, as well as any high school student residents of Fairfield who attend schools outside of the two districts.

Fairfield’s sister city, Nirasaki, Japan, is located in Yamanashi Prefecture, which is famous for grapes, peaches, wine, textiles, jewelry and for being the home of Mount Fuji. The city is about 90 miles from Tokyo. The summer visit includes trips to Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima.

Applications for the summer visit are available at the city of Fairfield’s website, www.fairfield.ca.gov. Interviews for the applicants will take place Feb. 18. Interview details will be provided later to each applicant.

For more information, contact Arletta Cortright, chairwoman of the Sister City Program, at (707) 426-5603, home; or (707) 428-7400 at City Hall.