Momentum Dealership closures

The City of Fairfield is closely monitoring impacts to individuals and the Fairfield community resulting from the recent closures of the Momentum dealerships. The City is concerned for individuals who have been unable to gain access to their vehicles that were left at a recently closed dealership for service or other reasons. Because this is a private business matter, the City is limited in what it can do to assist these individuals as well as the employees who have lost jobs. For those who have lost jobs, the City is working with other dealerships in the City and the Solano Workforce Development Board to get the word about other employment opportunities and training opportunities.  

“The City of Fairfield urges Momentum leadership to move quickly to help people get their vehicles back.” says David White, city manager. “The lack of access to their vehicles is impacting people’s personal and work lives, and we believe it is in the best interest of everyone to get the vehicles released back to the owners now. In addition, the City stands ready to provide appropriate support for the current leadership or a potential future new ownership group to move beyond this current situation to get the dealerships re-opened and people back to work.”