About Fairfield


Formally incorporated in 1903, Fairfield is a thriving community where healthy families and strong businesses can flourish. The county seat since 1858, Fairfield represents a diverse, bustling economy in the heart of Solano County.

In Fairfield, small town values remain, but we’re not just an attractive, tree-lined, bedroom community serving the San Francisco and Sacramento metropolitan areas. Our strategic location, extensive transportation networks, readily available and value-priced properties, and proximity to Northern California's attractions, make Fairfield a prime location for commerce.
An excellent quality of life, low housing costs, and an array of retail options makes Fairfield an enjoyable place for families to live and work.

Fairfield Demographics
Size: 40.1 square miles
Population (2018 estimate): 117,080 persons
Population Growth (avg.): 1.49% per year
Projected Population 2022: 124,986 persons
Median Age (2018): 34.4 years
Median Household Income (2018): $75,292
Labor Force (2018): 59,678
Employed Residents (2018): 42,183
Unemployment Rate (2018): 3.4%
Projected Jobs (2020): 54,330
Regional Labor Force (Solano County, 2018): 228,129
% of Workforce who speak English: 76%
% of pop. w/ High School Diploma or higher: 87.0%
% of pop. w/ College Degree: 34.9%
Crime Rate (2018): 33.28 per 1,000 persons
Elevation: 15 to 400 feet above sea level
Mean Daily Temperature: 62 degrees average
Fire Protection: ISO Rating 3 fire class