Community Development

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Plan Check Information

The plan check process is a technical review of your plans. Depending upon the particular project, your plans will be reviewed by some or all of the following:

Building Division:

Scope of work, location, life safety, code compliance, occupancy, type of construction, square footage / allowable area site plan, foundation plan, floor plan, framing, roof, elevations, accessibility, etc. Structural integrity, type of construction, materials, strengths, overall dimensions and locations of all structural elements and openings, structural calculations, specific construction components. All plumbing and mechanical systems, equipment, and materials, Model Energy Code requirements. All electrical fixtures, circuiting, grounding, panel schedules, diagrams, load calculations, etc.

Planning & Development Division:

Verify that the plans comply with City Council imposed conditions and all applicable zoning ordinances.

Public Works Department:

Verify that plans comply with council imposed conditions, all applicable ordinances, and public improvement aspects of construction (right-of-way, flood control, traffic engineering, off-site improvements, etc.)

Fire Department:

Fire/life safety protection systems, fire sprinklers, alarms, hazardous materials, fire flow calculations, etc.

Each of the above agencies reviews plans in accordance with codes, ordinances, regulations and standards applicable to its specific area of responsibility.