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Parks & Recreation

Kids Corner

Kids Corner is an elementary afterschool program designed to provide safe, enriching opportunities to your child that support school day learning.

Enrolled students participate in a "tri-rotation" that includes homework assistance, physical play, and enrichment curriculum. Snacks are provided for this program. 

Kids Corner is open from immediately after school until 6 p.m. Check out our Kids Corner Promo Video and Kids Corner Music Video starring the participants at Cleo Gordon.

Locations:  Anna Kyle, Cleo Gordon, David Weir, Fairview, Sheldon and Tolenas elementary schools.

Non-Refundable Processing Fee (per school year)
  • $50 for the first child 
  • $25 for each additional sibling residing in the household

Registrations can only be processed in person at the Fairfield Community Center. Contact the registration office for hours and information by email or 707.428.7435.

For program specific information contact Lorraine Kennedy at 707.428.7574.