Vegetation Management Program (Weed Abatement)Weeds

The Fairfield Fire Department coordinates the city's weed and vegetation abatement program covering the following property types:

  • Undeveloped private and commercial properties.
  • Undeveloped properties owned by the City.
  • Open space areas within the city limits.

PLEASE NOTE:  The department no longer conducts weed abatement enforcement for the properties listed below: 

  • Developed commercial properties
  • One and two-family residential properties
  • Apartment and condominium complexes

All complaints for these types of properties are handled by the Fairfield Police Department, Code Enforcement Division, and are enforced under Fairfield Municipal Code, Chapter 27 (Community Preservation Code).  Please contact the Code Enforcement Division at 707.428.7587.

Program Information

Weed and vegetation abatement runs in conjunction with the declared fire season, typically from May to October of each year.  The season can be extended or shortened based on weather conditions.  However, during this time frame, all privately owned undeveloped parcels are required to be cut and maintained to reduce or eliminate the threat of fire to surrounding properties and structures. 

Specific program authority and maintenance standards are found in the following documents:

For more information, or to report a fire hazard, please contact the weed and vegetation management line at 707.399.5627 or by email at Fire Prevention.