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City Manager's Office

Risk Management


The City is self-insured for major risk programs, such as general liability, auto liability, and workers' compensation.  Risk Management purchases and evaluates insurance for several other programs, e.g., property insurance, transit operations.

Liability Claims

Investigates claims, such as property damage; advises departments on proposed activities, in order to reduce liability to the City.

Claims against the City for bodily injury, property damage, and incidents involving possible City negligence are investigated by specialized personnel. Claim investigators document and collect evidence to determine the potential for legal liability and make recommendations to the City Attorney.

Claim forms can be obtained by calling the 707.428.7394, picking up a form from Human Resources located at 1000 Webster Street, or by downloading the claim form. Please note that forms must be returned via mail or hand delivered to City Clerk's office. They cannot be filed electronically.  


Directs City-wide health and safety committee; conducts safety audits and inspections.

Workers Compensation

Administers workers' compensation program for the City, and develops loss reduction programs to return injured employees to work and reduce costs to City.