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A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

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In September 2016, the Fairfield City Council adopted the second phase of a multi-dimensional Homeless Strategy. An element of the plan was to create a public awareness and education campaign to help our entire community with a shared approach to addressing homelessness in town.

 "A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out" is meant to encourage well-meaning citizens to offer homeless individuals a resource card that gives contact information for shelter, food, clothing, health, and other services provided by established providers. In addition to providing immediate assistance, these service providers are equipped to identify and begin addressing underlying issues that may be preventing an individual from breaking the cycle of homelessness.

The campaign also encourages businesses, government, and nonprofit organizations to assist the City with its education and public awareness campaign, and to work together to support and augment existing services to get people into safe, sheltered environments.

The work group's Speakers Team is ready to visit your organization to explain the program, and how you can support this campaign for change in our community. For more information or to schedule a presentation for our group, please contact Dawn La Bar.

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