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Quality of Life


The City's Quality of Life Task Force utilizes existing City services in partnership with local, broad-based coalitions sharing the same objectives: to create and preserve a desirable and thriving community for all Fairfield residents using existing city staff and resources in collaboration with a diverse community volunteer network. The Quality of Life Task Force was formed and a comprehensive city-wide plan was adopted September 15, 2015 to address issues that affect the aesthetics of the city, and the quality of life for its citizens. 

The issues are as follows:

Affordable Housing Division

Affordable Housing Programs

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

Foreclosure Assistance


We Are Fairfield Newsletter


The City of Fairfield's Quality of Life Newsletter, We Are Fairfield, launched at the start of this year. We welcome you to join us on our journey by e-mailing to receive our monthly newsletters. Follow our progress as we support and implement the vision of our City Council and community.


Please click below to view past issues:

February 2019    We Are Fairfield Newsletter

January 2019      We Are Fairfield Newsletter

City Manager Commendation

The Quality of Life Task Force's Homeless Engagement and Response Team (HEART), and Homeless Intervention Team (HIT), and Iris Maya were awarded three of four City Manager Commendations on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at City Council. City Manager David White recognized these two teams and Iris Maya for their outstanding job performance and their involvement in high impact programs for the Fairfield community. 



Quality of Life Task Force's Holiday Community Dinner

The Quality of Life Task Force's Holiday Community Dinner was held on Saturday, December 15, 2018 from 4 pm - 7 pm at Bethel Community Church. Through community partnership, the Quality of Life Task Force was able to serve over 100 guests with a warm meal, desserts, and pre-made meals to take home. Children of all ages received toys generously donated from local supporters and were able to spend time reading with Santa! Guests enjoyed entertainment by Outta Kontrol and Folklorico Juvenil Danzantes Unidos de Vacaville.  



A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

“A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out” is a  community campaign that encourages citizens and businesses to give the homeless resource cards instead of food and money.  It is a message to the community that we are all working towards the same goal, to help the homeless get the services they need.  

This message is not typical of what you normally see, as instead of “helping” the homeless by giving them what they want, you give them what they need by connecting them to the experts.  Local community organizations have coordinated with homeless outreach agencies to offer resources to help the homeless and keep them off the streets.  An article in “The Voice of Business” features this campaign and explains how it works, and who is involved. 


Crime Trends and Issues



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