Our Mission

With reverence for human life and the highest degree of ethical and professional conduct, the Fairfield Police Department will, while working in partnership and as guided by the Constitution, safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve, enforce the law and reduce harm to make our community safe for all.

Department Goals - Reducing Harm
1. Reduce crime, homelessness and fear of crime
2. Increase trust and community engagement
3. Strengthen regional partnerships
4. Strengthen personnel resiliency and wellness
5. Increase multi-model safety – (walking, cycling, automobile safety)

To Reach Communications Dispatch

  • 9-1-1  Emergency Number 
    To report crimes in progress, medical emergencies, and fire
  • 707.428.7373  7-Digit Emergency Number 
    To connect directly to Fairfield's Communications Dispatch using your cell phone 
  • 707.428.7300  Non-Emergency Number
    To request an officer for a non-emergency situation

Job Opportunities:


Start an online crime report* at:

Online Crime Reporting Page
*For harassing phone calls, lost property, theft, and vandalism