Drip Irrigation

Drip hoseSave Time, Money, and Water

Do you want a beautiful garden, but you just don't have the time to hand water each plant individually? Or, do you tire of watching the water you put on your garden run into the gutter, or get carried away by the wind? Drip irrigation systems are a great way to eliminate these problems.

Conventional methods of watering are actually wasteful and damaging; they deliver water to the landscape faster than plant roots can absorb, causing the water to run off, taking topsoil and nutrients with it.

Drip irrigation can be used for virtually any watering need, including potted plants, hanging baskets, trees, ground cover, and shrubs. They work great for both large and small watering areas dispersing equal amounts of water to all the plants. Drip systems are also an invaluable commodity when propagating a hillside or an inclined region because they allow the water to percolate deep to the roots rather than runoff.

Drip systems are relatively easy to install and can be placed on existing landscape without causing damage. Drip systems are also easily hidden by mulch or ground cover giving your garden a finished look.

The following are web pages that are full of help and information concerning drip irrigation systems.


"Do-it-yourself" Planning and Installation Guide

Toro has put together a comprehensive, user friendly, website to help one with their irrigation questions. It includes tips and tricks for the latest drip irrigation systems. Another nice feature of this website is, Toro offers a free service for those interested in planning a drip irrigation system in their yard.

The Drip Store

Drip Irrigation Tutorial

The Drip Store can answer nearly any question one may have about the planning, instillation, or maintenance of a residential drip irrigation system. The "Help" portion of their website offers a complete list of options including: articles, conversions, and manuals. The drip store is there to help you save!


Landscape Drip Line System

Rainbird offers a great drip irrigation design guide online in pdf format. This guide offers great tips in a fully colored manual. Stop by this website for more information on installing and maintaining your drip system.