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Public Works

Picture of Heavy Machinery digging up street

Engineering Division


The Construction Section is responsible for the management and inspection of all construction that occurs with City limits.


The Design Section is responsible for the design, preparation of plans, specifications, estimates, bidding, and providing support on design issues during construction for all Capital Improvement projects for the City of Fairfield. The Design Section also maintains engineering records, drainage, City aerials, and base maps.

Development Review

The Development Review Section is responsible for conceptual and development review, map checking, plan checking, flood zone information, encroachment permits, and assistance during construction for all residential, commercial, and industrial developments in the City of Fairfield.

Landscape Maintenance

A Landscape Maintenance District (LMD) is a special assessment district that is established to fund and maintain landscape and appearances for slopes and common areas. Inspection and contract management of the LMDs are performed by this section.


The Traffic Engineering Section is responsible for transportation planning, design, and operations. The section provides guidance and direction to field staff responsible for the installation and maintenance of various regulatory/warning/guide signs, striping/markings, signals, and other related traffic control devices.

Contact Information

Public Works Engineering 
O | 707.428.7485
F | 707.428.7607
Office Specialist: Megan Keller-Lundberg