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Public Works

Permit Information

The Public Works Department issues a variety of permits. These permits include:

Encroachment Permits
An Encroachment Permit is required for work in city-owned right-of-way or city-owned easement.

  • Connecting a private on-site storm drain line to a public storm drain system
  • Curb painting along public streets
  • Installing a backflow prevention device
  • Installing or extending a water, fire, or sewer service between the City's main line and the water meter, backflow prevention device, or sewer cleanout
  • Installing landscaping or irrigation within the public right-of-way
  • Installing or the ongoing monitoring of a monitoring well
  • Placement of a dumpster within a public street
  • Placement of Tables and/or Chairs in the public right-of-way
  • Repairing or installing curb, gutter and/or sidewalk adjacent to a city street
  • Widening or installing a driveway apron
  • Widening or striping a public street

City of Fairfield has implemented a new online permit system, eTRAKiT. For a property owner eTRAKiT account, please set up an account prior to proceeding. For a contractor account, please complete the eTRAKiT application. If you have an account, you are ready to apply for a new permit. Please see eTRAKiT step by step directions and requirements or go to eTRAKiT to start.


Below are checklists that will guide you through what is necessary for an encroachment permit:

If you have any questions, please call 707.428.7485 or email the encroachment permit desk.

Grading Permits
A subdivision grading permit is required for residential subdivisions whenever grading activities are requested prior to the overall approval of the improvement plans and the Subdivision Improvement Agreement. There is an inspection fee for subdivision grading permits, along with requirements for insurance and bonding. For additional information on subdivision grading permits or to start applying for a subdivision grading permit, please contact your project engineer or call 707.428.7485. If you haven't applied for an eTrakit account, please complete an application.

Please note that the Building Division issues grading permits for commercial or single family permits.

Transportation Permits
A Transportation Permit is required whenever an oversized vehicular load is being transported through the City of Fairfield along city streets. An oversized load is defined as a vehicle over 10 feet in width; 14 feet in height; 65 feet in length; and/or over 80,000 pounds in weight. A pilot car will be required in most situations.

A Temporary Repetitive Transportation Permit application allows permits for haul routes impacted by the Caltrans temporary restriction of a extra-legal vehicle/loads on I-80 (eastbound and westbound) at Alamo Creek.

There is a processing fee of $16 per trip for Transportation Permits. Fax completed Transportation Permit applications to 707.428.7607. For additional information on Transportation Permits, call 707.428.7485.