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Public Works

Fairfield / Vacaville Train Station and Peabody Road Improvements

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Updated Content:
On Monday, November 13, 2017, the Fairfield Vacaville Train stop opened for Capitol Corridor intercity passenger train service.  In combination with the Peabody Road Overcrossing, this was one of the largest capital improvement projects in Fairfield's history.  The train station is the focal point for transit-oriented development that is planned to occur in northeast Fairfield over the next 10 to 20 years.

Pardon our dust as minor construction activities continue to take place on the center platform and around the stop through the end of November.  A ceremony to celebrate the new stop is scheduled for spring 2018.  Stay tuned for the announcement.

The new stop features a center island platform, pedestrian/bicycle underpass, plaza area, secure parking with lighting, landscaping and drainage.

The Fairfield/Vacaville stop is one of 18 stations the Capitol Corridor serves along a 170-mile corridor in Northern California between Auburn/Sacramento and San Jose.  Thirty trains will serve the new stop every weekeday from 5 a.m.  to 11 p.m.  On weekends, 22 trains will serve the stop from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

new service schedule and additional information about the stop is available on the Capitol Corrdior website.

Click here for drone footage of the Fairfield / Vacaville Train Station.

Construction Updates
Here is where you might see construction throughout November 2017:

  • The central platform
  • Pedestrian/bicycle underpass
  • Plaza area
  • Parking area

Past Construction Updates:

Construction began in March 2015 and included a one-year closure of Peabody Road between Vanden Road and Huntington Drive to construct the Peabody Road Overpass.  The overpass improves safety on Peabody Road by replacing the previously existing and heavily-used at-grade crossing of the railroad tracks.  In addition to the new overpass, the project included widening Peabody Road from Cement Hill Road to Huntington Drive, a new two-lane transit access road through the stop, and two new signalized intersections.

About the Project
The Fairfield/Vacaville Train Stop and Peabody Road Improvements Project is located at the corner of Peabody Road and Vanden Road in Fairfield.  The project includes the new 800-foot long train stop platform, sheltered passenger waiting areas accessible by a pedestrian/bicycle underpass, a parking lot, and a bus passenger transfer area.  Additionally, the project widening Peabody Road from 2-lanes to 6-lanes and constructed an overpass over the existing railroad tracks on Peabody Road.

The Peabody Road overpass is located between Vanden Road and Huntington Drive, and allows for safe crossing over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks for automobiles, bicycles, and pedestrians.  It will enhance public safety and relieve traffic congestion.

Key Facts
The train stop capital project consisted of constructing several components, including:

  • Peabody Road Overpass
  • Passenger platform and sheltered waiting areas
  • Pedestrian/bicycle underpass
  • Bus passenger plaza and transfer area
  • Passenger amenities including well-lit and landscaped parking, video surveillance, bike lockers, automated electronic signs with train arrivals, and bus and train ticket machines.
  • Trackwork to accommodate the platform and improve freight access for the adjoining industrial park.

Additional Project Information

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