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Public Works

Rockville Hills Regional Park - General Information

Hours of Operation

Rockville Hills Regional Park is open year-round from sunrise to sunset.

Entrance Fee - Purchase of Pass

Passes can be purchased at the main entrance on Rockville Road. You must have a valid pass and your personal identification with you, all times, while you are visiting the Park. Park Rangers have the authority to issue citations to visitors without a valid pass and ID. All fees collected are used to support the management of Rockville Hills Regional Park.

  • Entrance Fee Cost -   Fees
    • Seniors are 50+ years old and residents are considered to live within the City limits

Camping is limited to the group camp areas. Contact the Park Ranger for more information.


Dogs are permitted in Rockville Hills Regional Park and require a separate entrance fee. Dogs must be on-leash at all times and must stay on the trails. You must pick-up after your dog.  

Red Flag Closures 

The Fairfield Fire and Public Works Departments, in conjunction with Cordelia Fire Protection District, have developed a Red Flag Closure policy for Rockville Hills Regional Park.

Rockville Hills Park will be closed during severe weather conditions to help reduce both the risk of wildfire during fire season and damage to trails from rain during winter and spring months. The policy was implemented to help preserve these natural lands and to protect those who enjoy them.

To check for current Red Flag closure information, visit the City of Fairfield's main page or Press Releases.  Any person in the park during Red Flag Closures will be cited by the Park Rangers. 

Rules and Regulations

The following are not permitted in the park (Chapter 12B City Municipal Code)

  • Hunting, firearms, archery equipment and slingshots
  • Motorized vehicles
  • Removal or collection of artifacts, plants, rocks, or wildlife from the park
  • Swimming and/or wading
  • Horses
  • Smoking