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Rockville Hills Regional Park Management Plan

Management Plan Vision Statement

The City of Fairfield's overall vision for Rockville Hills Regional Park is to maintain a premier wilderness park rich in biological, geological, scenic, and historic elements, to be used by all citizens and visitors to Fairfield.

Management Plan Mission Statement

The mission of this Management Plan is to preserve and protect the significant biologic, geologic, scenic and historic resources thriving within Rockville Hills Regional Park, as well as, protecting those that use and/or live by the Park.

Rockville Hills Regional Park came under the City of Fairfield's ownership in 1966 with the intent that the site should be developed into a Golf Course. The public felt the site was better preserved as a Park and after years of controversy the site was preserved as Rockville Hills Regional Park.

In the 1990's Park usage began to steadily climb. The City recognized the need to have a comprehensive Management Plan to address the growing issues. The Plan would also govern the overall management of the property. City staff embarked on a 24 month process with a consultant, LSA & Associates, to study the issues of how to balance the interests of the user groups; address public safety, inadequate staffing levels, fuel loads, erosion, use conflict, and park habitat while still managing the parks delicate ecosystem.

After 24 months and 13 public study sessions and hundreds of hours of comprehensive study and research the Rockville Hills Regional Park Management Plan was adopted in December 2002 by City Council and the Community Services Commission. The Plan is to be implemented over a 10 year period and would focus on six specific priorities:

  • Fire Suppression and Management
  • Public Safety
  • Volunteerism and Community Outreach
  • Parking lot and Site Amenities
  • Safety & Accessibility
  • Fee Structure

Since the adoption of the Management Plan, the City has begun implementing many of the improvements detailed in the Plan. The implementation includes, additional cattle fencing, additional water lines for grazing, goat grazing of chaparral, North Gate fence improvement, implementation of fee collection system, establishment of Trail Advisory Group. 

Additional Information

For further information on the Management Plan contact the Park Rangers at 707.428.7614.

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