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Public Works

Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris 

Construction Diversion Reporting Requirements 

Residential, commercial and industrial construction, or demolition projects over 1,000 square feet must complete a Construction and Demolition Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan (C&D Recycling Plan) prior to beginning construction. 

Construction and Demolition Recycling Plan 

1. C&D Debris Materials Checklist

Estimate the debris from your project and submit the C&D Debris Material Checklist to Public Works for approval, then submit to the Building Department for your construction or demolition permit.

2. C&D Recycling Report

Track recycling and hauling activity from your job site. Then submit the information in your C&D Recycling Report along with required proof at the end of your project prior to final inspection.

C & D Recycling Plan Forms  Construction and Demolition Recycling Plan Requirements

Reporting C&D Recycling Plan On-line 


All Construction and Demolition (C&D) haulers must be authorized by the City to haul construction debris or recyclables within the city limits. In addition, Fairfield City Code requires C&D Haulers to adhere to a fifty percent or greater diversion rate for all construction projects.

Donated or repurposed architectural salvage from your projects count as diversion 

Solano Napa Habitat for Humanity - 5130 Fulton Drive, Ste. R, Fairfield, CA 94534 - 707.422.1948 

  • Restore's Deconstruction Program provides licensed contractors to remove cabinets, appliances, and architectural salvage such as doors, windows, light fixtures, etc. Avoid demolition and disposal costs and get a tax deduction by donating to Restore! 
  • Restore sells donated items and architectural salvaged items that are in good condition.  They also carry new, low VOC paints, new painting supplies, tools, furniture, appliances, and hardware.

For more information on construction and demolition waste diversion, please contact the Recycling Hotline at 707.428.7489 or 707.428.7485.