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Public Works

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping services for the City of Fairfield are provided by Republic Services. 

When is my Street Sweeping

City of Fairfield's Street Sweeping Schedules

Please note that the frequency of additional sweeping on the Leaf Season Map may change depending on seasonal weather conditions and the leaf drop in the area.  If you have any questions related to changes in the street sweeping schedule, please contact Republic Services at 707.437.8900. 

The regular Street Sweeping Schedule runs from Mid-January through October and Leaf Season runs from approximately November through Mid-January.  The Street Sweeping Map identifies neighborhoods with large mature trees and create heavy leaf drop. 

Please do not sweep or blow leaves into the street or gutter to prevent flooding and protect our waterways. The street sweepers will not pick up large piles of leaves and the leaves may cause flooding. Fairfield City Code Section 22B.140.A.3 prohibits the sweeping or blowing leaves, cut grass, landscape clippings or debris into the street or walkway.   

Holiday Schedule - The street sweeping schedule is adjusted for the winter holiday season. There will be no street sweeping on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, or New Year's Day. If your street is normally serviced on one of these days, then your street cleaning service will done on the following day.

Have extra leaves? Here are some options on what do to: 

1. Create a backyard home compost pile! Solano County Master Gardeners can provide helpful information. They hold regular workshops and offer demonstrations to community groups. Visit their website or call 707.784.1321 for more information.

2. Don't rake grass or leaves on your lawn! Use a Mulching Mower to create mulch for your grass. Grasscycling is the way golf courses keep their grass green year round.

3. Republic Services offers extra services to residents that may help:  

Cost of Residential Service is based on the size of your residential (gray) Trash Cart. Check prices and order a cart according to the size of your family and use. Recycling more will help you bring down your monthly garbage bill.

Free Bulky Waste Collection - two pickups per year

  • Approximately 3 cubic yards of solid waste or 2 large items
  • Loose items should be placed in large trash bags, boxes or bundles must be secured with twine
  • Bundled material must not exceed 3 feet in length, 18 inches in diameter or 50 pounds

Free Extra Garbage Pickup
Each household is entitled to one extra garbage, recycling or green waste pickup per year.

Free Landfill Coupon
One Coupon good for disposal of up to two cubic yards and one bulky waste item at Potrero Hills Landfill per household, per year. If you need a landfill coupon come to the Public Works Department, 3rd floor to request one. You will need proof of residency, and a ID. One per residence. Name on coupons cannot be transferred.   

Additional Carts 

Additional Recycling Carts can be delivered to your home for free. Carts must be use on regularly by resident for residential curbside recycling.

Additional Organic(Green) Carts can be delivered to your home for an additional small monthly fee  

To schedule your free pickup or additional information, please contact Republic Services at 707.437.8900. 
If you would like to speak to City staff, please call our Recycling Hotline at 707-428-7489.