Fairfield supports emergency shelter for COVID-19

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continue to rise across the nation, state funding for Project Roomkey, a multi-jurisdictional effort to acquire non-congregate motel rooms for high-risk homeless, remains uncertain. To continue to take the necessary steps to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 amongst Fairfield’s homeless population, the Fairfield City Council approved a resolution on August 18, authorizing an Emergency COVID-19 Sheltering Plan at BayNorth Church of Christ.

The program will place up to 50 homeless at-risk for contracting COVID-19 in emergency shelter where they will have access to essential needs such as shelter, meals, showers, and laundry, amongst other services. While there, participants will have access to healthcare support, workforce training, and case management, with the goal of connecting them to services and permanent housing prior to the end of the project. The City’s Homeless Services Division will work with the Police Homeless Intervention team to refer high-risk homeless persons to the project.  

The project will officially kick off on September 1, 2020 and end on December 31, 2020 and is funded with the City’s Coronavirus Relief Fund. Since the beginning of the pandemic, cities across California have incurred millions of dollars in unanticipated emergency spending to protect residents and prevent further spread of the virus.

In response, Governor Newsom and the State Legislature recently passed the state budget to provide additional Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) funding to cities to address public health and safety impacts of COVID19, including homelessness. The use of State funding and creative partnerships with our Faith-Based Community, like BayNorth Church, is what is needed to create long-term solutions for homelessness. For additional information on the project, please contact Dawn La Bar at 707-428-7749.