Fairfield firefighters deploy to help battle COVID-19 surge

Due to the COVID-19 surge in California, three Fairfield firefighters deployed to John Murphy Hospital in Panorama City, near Los Angeles, today and one firefighter is at Petaluma Valley Hospital. 

Fairfield Fire Department expects to send more staff in the coming days. They will be utilizing their paramedic skills to provide medical surge capacity. These skills include IVs, drug administration, vaccine administration, breathing tube placements, CPR, vital sign collecting, and anything else that simply helps. They are on 12-hour shifts.

The City expects to be fully reimbursed under California's Master Mutual Aid Agreement. The firefighters are committed for a minimum of 14 days. 

Deputy Fire Chief Matt Luckenbach stated, “I am proud of our members’ willingness to put their own well-being behind the needs of others; our department is lucky to have such dedicated firefighters.”