Wildfire Community Preparedness Day - May 1, 2021

With the upcoming fire season upon us, Fairfield Fire Prevention Bureau, in coordination with the National Fire Protection Association, want everyone to participate in the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 1. This is a national campaign that encourages people and organizations everywhere to come together on a single day to take action to raise awareness and reduce wildfire risks!

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is held in the United States and Canada on the first Saturday in May. Given that in-person gatherings are limited or on-hold in many places, this year’s Prep Day is focused on what residents can do on and around their home to help protect against the threat of wildfires. Research shows there are proven methods for preparing properties for withstanding the devastating impacts of a wildfire.

This Prep Day, you have the power to protect the part of the community that means the most to you and your family by eliminating vulnerabilities in the Home Ignition Zone (HIZ), particularly the immediate 5-foot zone around your residence. Whether it is replacing wood chips with gravel or reimagining your entire landscape design, what you do on Saturday, May 1, really matters. Be ready to make a difference in helping to avoid loss and tragedy with information and resources from NFPA and Fairfield Fire Prevention.

Additionally, we would like to introduce our neighborhoods to the possibilities of becoming FIREWISE communities and how this can benefit our residents.

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For more information, visit fairfield.ca.gov/wildfire