Fairfield to use FlashVote, a survey service provider

The City of Fairfield asks residents for one minute of their time to provide valuable feedback. Starting this month, Fairfield will be the first city in Solano County to use FlashVote, a survey service provider. “FlashVote is a way city staff can hear what residents want and then make the best decisions,” Communications Manager Bill Way stated.  

The surveys are five questions or less and take no more than one to two minutes to complete. The surveys will cover a wide range of topics, such as city services, concerns, downtown parking, and more.  

When residents sign up, they determine how surveys are received — whether by email, text, or phone call. They will receive a notification whenever there is a new survey, and they will have 48 hours to participate before voting closes. Participants will receive the results and will see how their responses compare to the group. “The surveys are easy. FlashVote will give residents who might not typically interact with the city a greater opportunity to provide feedback,” Way added. “This information will provide valuable insight.”  Residents can sign up quickly via the web at https://www.flashvote.com/fairfieldca

Residents who choose to participate can also opt-out at any time. User information is not shared with other organizations.

For more on the City of Fairfield, visit www.fairfield.ca.gov