Rockville Hills Regional Park's lake likely to dry up

Due to current drought conditions, the lake at Rockville Hills Regional Park is likely to dry up. This will be the first time a dry down has occurred since the mid 1970’s.

There has been some concern regarding the impact a dry lake would have on local wildlife and the ecosystem of the park in general. The Public Works Department and Park staff recognize the ecological importance of the lake for both aquatic and terrestrial species, and will be installing wildlife guzzlers at ground level in multiple locations. 

The goal is to encourage wildlife to remain in the area until the rains return, and the lake begins ponding water. The lake area will be temporarily fenced off to protect the shoreline by preventing visitors from eroding the levy face and killing any species that burrow in the mud.

The water quality at this point is not ideal so preventing people from fishing or allowing their pets in the water is a priority. The Suisun Wildlife Center can assist with wildlife related issues. Please contact the center at (707) 429-4295 before touching any wildlife.