Fairfield partners with Mission Samoa on Project HELP

Last week, the City of Fairfield received a live demonstration from Pallet on their rapid shelter solution, Pallet Shelters. City staff and local service providers were in attendance to look at the potential shelter project and offer any input about the project.

Fairfield will soon be the first in Solano County to implement a Pallet Shelter homeless shelter program, called Project HELP. The City’s Homeless Services Division has been working alongside Mission Samoa to bring a 24-bed program-based shelter utilizing Pallet Shelters. Durable and affordable, Pallet Shelters will provide permanent, innovative options to assist those in need in finding The Way Home.

Participants who enter Project HELP will have access to wraparound services and case management, with the ultimate goal of connection to permanent housing and services as needed. Project HELP is expected to begin operations by the end of 2021.