Fairfield fleet reduces emissions

The Fairfield City Council approved a new two year fuel contract that will reduce emissions from the City’s diesel vehicles by up to 80%. 

“This project has been several years in the making and finally the time was right. We wanted to make sure that this fuel was a tested source of emission reduction and that pricing was right,” says David Renschler, vehicle maintenance manager.

The Vehicle Maintenance Division, which is part of the Public Works Department, expects to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 4,150 metric tons annually in the City’s non-safety fleet. Total greenhouse gas emission reductions are expected to be nearly 80% compared to traditional petroleum diesel that is currently used. 

Additionally, the Public Works Transit Division provides regional transit service as well as local service and travels several times per day to Sacramento, El Cerrito BART, and Walnut Creek BART from Fairfield. By utilizing this renewable fuel source, the emissions will be greatly reduced from the buses that provide this already important service to our citizens. 

The Public Works Department worked closely with industry professionals to develop a set of specifications and send out bids for a fuel source that was economical and would reduce emissions. The new contract is expected to save the City over $35,000 per year.

“Through the use of technology and our vehicle maintenance group’s drive, they have been able to provide a better service to the customers at a reduced cost and help reduce pollution,” said Public Works Director George Hicks. “I am grateful for this group’s commitment to excellence and efficiency.”