Fairfield pushes for improved conservatorship law

Fairfield’s City Council is using every feasible tool to affect homelessness in town. On March 6, Council signed a letter to State Senators Henry Stern (D-Canoga Park) and Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) supporting their bill, SB 1045, to improve California’s conservatorship law.

“The senators’ bill lays the foundation for local governments, service providers, and advocates to work together to strengthen and improve existing law as a tool to assist those that are unable to take care of themselves,” reported Mayor Harry T. Price. “This improved law will allow our Homeless Intervention Team more flexibility in assisting individuals who suffer from chronic homelessness, debilitating mental illness, and severe drug addiction into life-saving services and off the streets.”

Fairfield’s HIT and Homeless Engagement and Response Team work to reduce blight and another major component to their work is engaging those who are homeless, referring them into services, and reunifying families, whenever possible. SB 1045 is intended to modernize conservatorship law to provide more flexibility to address people who routinely use social and emergency services and find themselves in law enforcement custody, effectively converting a health issue into a criminal issue.

In the coming months, Fairfield will continue to work with Solano County on implementing its regional plan addressing homelessness, while working to support meaningful legislation that will help address those on our streets.