Woodcreek Park being improved

The City continually evaluates the condition of its parks to ensure citizens have safe and enjoyable outdoor places to recreate. In the coming weeks, a few amenities at Woodcreek Park will be upgraded to ensure your future enjoyment of this neighborhood park. 

The concrete basketball court is at the end of its lifespan and failing from tree root intrusion. The existing court surface is scheduled for removal and is being replaced with new concrete. To reduce the chances of this root problem occurring again, older trees adjacent to the court will be removed during the court replacement process. Additionally, several of the Raywood Ash trees in the park are coming to the end of their lifespan and will be removed to preserve a safe park environment for your enjoyment. 

A recent assessment of the play equipment shows it to be in good working order, however a few of the moving parts need to be replaced to ensure continued safe play can occur. 

Construction should begin on March 12, and be completed in three to four weeks. There will be some disruption to park areas during that time. We appreciate your patience while these improvements are underway. Contact Manager of Park Planning Fred Beiner at 707.428.7431 for more information.