Republic Services works with City on Recycling Campaign

Republic Services is working with the City of Fairfield to educate residents on how to make recycling simple and reduce contamination in our recycling collection program. Perhaps you have heard about the current issues in the recycling industry. We are working hard to ensure that all your items are recycled properly, but we need your help.

Most people do not realize that just a few incorrectly placed items in the recycling cart can ruin an entire load of otherwise valuable recyclables. Contamination of clean recyclables occurs when items soiled with food or drink, or when non-recyclable items, such as diapers, Styrofoam, batteries or plastic bags, are put in a recycling container. If the recycling stream becomes too contaminated, the load may end up in the landfill.

You can help by placing items into the correct cart. This ensures that all those resources get recycled. Remember: (blue cart) recycling; (green cart) yard waste/food waste; and (gray cart) trash=landfill. If you are unsure, please place the item in the gray trash bin.

We recommend the following simple steps for residents and businesses to reduce recycling contamination:

1. Know What is Recyclable: recycle plastics containers (#1-#7), metal and steel cans, glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard

2. Empty, Clean & Dry: remember to keep recyclables free of food and moisture

3. Keep it Loose: never put recyclables in bags or containers

For more information on recycling, you can call Republic Services customer service number at (707) 428-8900, or the City of Fairfield’s Recycling Hotline at (707) 428-7489, or visit the City’s website. Look for our Empty, Clean & Dry Campaign! See video.