Travis AFB to conduct two-day readiness exercise

Travis Air Force Base will be conducting a two-day readiness exercise Tuesday, November 13, and Wednesday, November 14. The local populous and surrounding communities will hear an increase in voice notifications and alarms. Additionally, patrons may experience increased traffic at the gates during various times throughout the day.

All base exercise notifications heard over the installation's Giant Voice system will be prefaced with an "Exercise, Exercise, Exercise" reminder. Sirens and alarms heard from the base are used to simulate a realistic environment in which base personnel can properly train and respond in the event of a real-world incident. Facilities such as the Base Exchange, Commissary and Base Housing are exempt from participating in the exercise; however, patrons at the fitness center (with the exception of those taking a physical fitness assessment) should expect to partake in all aspects of the exercise. Members driving vehicles are not expected to participate.

Click here for a full list of exempted facilities.