Fairfield, MidPen developing more affordable housing

In December, the Fairfield Housing Authority approved two agreements with MidPen Housing that will pave the way for development of approximately 70 new, affordable housing units in 2020 to serve Fairfield residents.

The proposed affordable housing site is 3.5 acres of land adjacent to Dover Park that is owned by the Fairfield Housing Authority. The Fairfield Housing Authority and MidPen will conduct a broad-based community engagement effort to gather ideas, concerns, and input from the surrounding neighbors on the proposed development. In addition, residents will also be invited to provide public input into needed zoning changes and development approvals for the property.

“The Fairfield Housing Authority is excited to partner with MidPen Housing in bringing much-needed, new affordable housing to the community,” says David White, executive director of the Fairfield Housing Authority. “MidPen has owned and operated another property in Fairfield for almost 25 years and has a great understanding of the community’s needs and values. In MidPen, we get a recognized and respected nonprofit partner to help provide needed housing to Fairfield residents.”

The approved agreements direct how negotiations for a future land transfer and development will occur, and provide loan funding of $1.3 million. This loan will fund required pre-development activities needed for permitting and other approvals in advance of construction such as community engagement, studies and reports, and site development plans. The Fairfield Housing Authority also authorized loaning up to $700,000 to support project construction. Funding for these loans is from the Low Income Housing Assets Fund that by state law can only be spent on the development of affordable housing in Fairfield.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to partner with the City of Fairfield and applaud their clear commitment to provide quality affordable housing to their residents,” said Jan Lindenthal, chief real estate development officer for MidPen Housing. “We look forward to engaging with community members over the coming months to hear what they envision for the site and incorporate their input into the design process.”