Fair Housing and Housing Opportunity Survey

The City of Fairfield is completing a study on fair housing and housing opportunity here in our community. Your response as a resident of Fairfield is an important part of this study, and will equip us to better fulfill our fair housing obligations, and to plan in a manner that promotes fair housing choice.

The survey begins with a section asking information about you. This survey is completely anonymous. Because we want to know if you experience differences in finding and accessing housing, we are asking for some personal information about you. A response is required for each of the questions in this first section, although some allow you to answer, "Decline to respond." Most of the other questions in this survey are not required to progress. There are a few that will determine if you will be asked some questions not asked of everyone.

Please take this survey!

* Si necesita una encuesta en Español contacte al 707.428.7445 or QOL@fairfield.ca.gov

** Kung kailangan mo ng isang survey sa mga kontak sa Tagalog 707.428.5624 or QOL@fairfield.ca.gov